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Experience at your service.

Bellart is a company composed of skilled master craftsmen who, while keeping tradition alive, are able to work iron and glass taking into account the current needs of lighting design and modern metal carpentry techniques, collaborating with artists, architects, but above all with our client.

Bellart is indeed a company devoted to continuous improvement: our primary objective is to achieve high customer satisfaction, who see us as a reliable partner.

Unity, cohesion within the family, and the sharing and transfer of stories and values among the different generations enable the long-term success of Bellart, a company that is now strongly committed to product and production process innovation.

Our history

Particolare Lavorazione Ferro Battuto


Bellart was founded by Mario Bellesso for the manufacture of objects in iron, copper and other metals

Dettaglio lavorazione artistica in ferro


The company, thanks to an international vision common to many Italian SMEs, promotes its business towards new markets, taking its Made in Italy abroad


Bellart begins the artisan production of glass lamps and chandeliers, with the same principle of craftsmanship that had characterized metalwork

Dettaglio Lampada in cristallo

Mario Bellesso

Born in 1952 in the province of Padua, from a family of farmers. At the age of 22 he began his experience with wrought iron, a trade he still carries out.

He begins as an apprentice, for a few years, until he becomes aware of wanting to make this profession his life. Thus, in 1984, he decided to open a small artisan business in which, by forging iron, he gave free expression to his creativity. Initially intended for the local market, in recent years it has come to export its ideas on a global scale. Tireless worker and inexhaustible creative, he manages to put the passion of the great craftsman into each of his productions. To date, his achievements include numerous works in buildings such as churches and private villas, as well as commissioned sculptural works. He was recognized as one of the "60 master blacksmiths of Italy" and awarded honoris causa, in 2010, for having distinguished himself as an ENTREPRENEUR IN THE WORLD.


Born in 1979 in Padua, from an early age she showed aptitudes for art and communication and undertook art and communication school studies, distinguishing herself for her abilities.

After the period of education, she joins the family business joining the team that operates in the commercial area.

Today she holds the role of Sales Manager, a position that enhances her communication skills.

Currently, each partner of the brand in the world is supported by her indispensable figure.


Born in Padua in 1981, he breathed creativity and metal from an early age, frequenting his father's workshop, even secretly. He undertakes studies in electrical engineering, convinced that it will be useful for his future in the company.

After completing his training, he made his debut in the family business as a technician and production manager. Subsequently, strongly stimulated by his father, he begins to design some new models of lamps which immediately stand out and get noticed for their strong personality. Thus he discovers that he has an unfamiliar aptitude for creative design and in a short time becomes the official designer of the brand, signing most of the collections that are produced.

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