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Iron Art: Modern

Metallic carpentry, laser cutting and high quality sheet metal working
Laser per taglio del ferro

Examples of ironwork in a modern style

Bellart has been able to evolve over three family generations, embracing development and adopting the most modern and avant-garde technologies and equipment.

Bellart is today able to satisfy the most sophisticated requests of the metal working industry and to reach very high standards in terms of manufacturing quality.

Scala Moderna in ferro

Bellart represents a single partner for each process.


We love to implement our customers' ideas.

It is for this reason that we have always been actively involved in the planning phase, to give you the freedom to make your dreams come true.

Render progetto scala su misura
Render progetto scala su misura
Scala moderna realizzata su misura

Among our modern style metal workings we offer a wide range of iron or steel accessories for furnishing indoor and outdoor environments. We create stairs with an original and personalized style, finely crafted gates and fences, fine-cut furniture, up to the creation of objects of refined design.

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